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Why Do I Still Have an Arrest Record After Section 991c Expungement?

section 991c expungementThere are two types of expungement possible in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A Section 991c expungement removes your name from court records, while Okla. Stat. tit.22 § 18 allows expungement of your entire criminal record.

These expungements are different, and it is helpful to understand what the differences are.

What is a Section 991c Expungement in Tulsa?

A Section 991c expungement allows a person who has received a deferred sentence to expunge their plea. Once the expungement is complete, the status of the disposition of the case shows that it has been dismissed. The record shows that you pled “not guilty,” and that the case was dismissed. It will not expunge or remove the arrest record. That remains intact.

A 991c expungement is often referred to a deferred sentence expungement.

In order to qualify for a Section 991c expungement, you must have completed all the terms of your probation, including the completion of all community service hours, all counseling, drug treatment, and the like. You must have paid all your fines, court costs, and any court-ordered restitution. Finally, you must have served the entire term of your deferred sentence.

A Section 991c expungment does not clear your name from all court records including those available Websites operated under contract for courts like ODCR, or remove arrest records. A more complete expungment is available under Section 18 of Oklahoma’s criminal code.

What is a Section 18 Expungement in Tulsa?

A Section 18 expungement is a more complete expungement in Oklahoma. It seals all criminal records, including the court and arrest files.

A Section 18 expungement is also more difficult to obtain. It often takes longer to qualify for, and only certain crimes are eligible for this fuller expungement.

It is common to obtain a Section 991c expungement while you are waiting to qualify for the more complete criminal records expungement in Tulsa. A Section 991c deferred sentence expungement may also be sought and granted if you do not qualify for a Section 18 expungement.

The rules and procedures for expungements are complicated. It is best to have an experienced Tulsa expungement attorney help you during the process. Your attorney can help you understand your situation and if you are eligible, can help you put the past behind you.

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