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Criminal defense attorney TulsaTulsa has long been known as a destination for opportunity in the midst of an often harsh prairie. Located along America’s mother road, Route 66, generations of travelers have settled in Tulsa, alongside people whose ancestors lived here since the dawn of history. From its earliest days on, Tulsans new and old have prospered here and established legacies that endure the test of time.

Along with an abundance of opportunity, Tulsa has its share of the grittier side of Oklahoma prairie life. It is understandable, then, that a legal system would emerge to render a 21st Century version of prairie justice. For those who get on the wrong side of the law, prosecutors are ever ready make an example of them for all to see.

That is where Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm steps in. We have seen our share of steamroller justice. We know what can happen when police and prosecutors decide they have their guilty party and that’s that.

Tulsa needed defense lawyers as rough and ready as Oklahoma’s bird dog constables and as keen on the law as the Sooner State’s paper pushing prosecutors. We saw what kind of criminal defense lawyers Tulsa needs and we decided to do what it takes to provide Tulsans that kind of touch-minded legal representation.

Prairie justice is a two way street. Our job is to keep your lane open. Call us today at (918) 256-3400 to learn how we can help with your criminal case.

Criminal Defense in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Familiar themes dominate prosecution strategies in the 21st Century legal system. Let’s call them the easy way and the hard way.

You can even imagine a burly detective sweating out a nervous suspect in a cramped interrogation room, trying to leverage the tried and true carrot and stick approach: “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

The easy way goes something like, “Cooperate and maybe we will go easy on you.”

Of course, cooperate usually means admit to something, probably before you talk to a defense attorney who can advise you about your legal interests. Maybe it means naming names and implicating others. Police even pressure suspects to engage in dangerous undercover activities, to “work off the charges.” And that’s their “easy way.”

Then there is the hard way. That often involves stacking on charges as wide and high as creative prosecutors can stretch their vivid imaginations. The idea is to frighten the suspect into pleading to a lesser charge, sparing the State the costs of proving its case in court.

Well, Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm has an easy way and a hard way, too. The easy way is we can show the prosecution the flaws in their case and they can back down. The hard way, well, let’s just put it this way. See ya’ in court.

Our Promise to You

Now, not every case is the same. We cannot and will not promise results in any case. The outcome of a case often turns on what you do once you are charged.

Many of the people we represent are wrongly charged for things they did not do. But, let’s face it. Some people come to us as guilty as an alcoholic in a wine cellar. We have no problem with that. Our job is to be sure everyone who retains us gets fair treatment under the law.

Even if a person is as guilty as sin, before you say “Yep, sheriff, I stole them cows,” you should to sit down with a Tulsa criminal attorney and say “Counselor, I did steal those cattle. Now what can I do?”

The outcome of your case depends for a large part on your actions. The best action you can take is to get a strong legal ally on your side of the table.

As the old maxim says, it’s not over ’till it’s over. Whether a defendant is as clean as the new fallen snow or wallowing in tear-ridden guilt, the law assures every person basic legal rights. What we do is make sure every person we represent makes the most of those rights.

We cannot promise you any particular result in your case, but we can promise you one thing. When you retain Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm, you get the best representation our tough-minded defense lawyers can muster. We will pull no punches, with the other side or with you. We will let you know exactly how your case looks to us and give you the information you need to decide how we should represent you.

Sometimes our criminal defense team can answer your questions quicker than a sharp shooter in a quick draw showdown. Other times, we need to do some research to find out what are the facts of your case and exactly what the law says about those particular facts.

When your future is on the line, you need the straight goods, straight up. We make every effort to guide you to the best possible outcome with a full understanding of the risks and advantages of various alternatives.

Whether it is Tulsa misdemeanor charges that might result in a stiff fine, a DUI arrest, Oklahoma felony charges or a drug crime in Oklahoma that could cost years of freedom, whether you need an old Oklahoma conviction expunged or a recent Oklahoma criminal case appealed, our Tulsa criminal attorneys are ready to talk with you about your circumstances.

Free Consultation: Criminal Defense Attorneys in Tulsa

When you are charged with a crime, the first thing you need to do is to exercise your right to remain silent. The next choice you need to make is to decide who will provide the best criminal defense lawyer in Tulsa for your case.

A relationship of trust is essential to building the best criminal defense team. That is why we provide free consultations, as quickly as our workload and courtroom obligations can accommodate. We want to earn your trust before you retain us as your legal counsel.

To begin a free consultation with a Tulsa, Okla. criminal attorney, contact Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm as soon as possible. Call (918) 256-3400 or click the “Free Consultation” button at the top of this page.