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Tulsa Possession of Paraphernalia Defense AttorneyDrug Paraphernalia Arrest?

When you’ve been arrested for drug paraphernalia, it is time to find a law firm that provides individualized attention to every one of our clients.The state of Oklahoma has some of the harshest penalties for drug crimes in the country. When it comes to drug paraphernalia, they are quite serious as well. A Tulsa Misdemeanor Lawyer at the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm can help you understand the charge, answer your questions and work to help you through the legal system.

Even though it is a misdemeanor, the offense could haunt you down the road when it comes to looking for a job or even coaching your child’s sports team because it could come back on a background check. A Tulsa Possession of Paraphernalia Defense Attorney can help fight the charge or determine what is in your best legal interest.

Oklahoma Misdemeanor Drug Paraphernalia Charge

The majority of drug paraphernalia offenses can be found in Okla. Stat. tit. 63 § 2-101.1, which states there are 12 areas a jury or court must look at when determining the relevant factors of the charge. Two of those areas include: proximity of the object to a controlled dangerous substance and the existence of any residue of the controlled substance on the object. 

If you are convicted of your first drug paraphernalia offense, it could mean upwards of 1 year in jail and a fine. A Tulsa Possession of Paraphernalia Defense Attorney can help you understand what you could face if it is your second or third arrest during a free, confidential evaluation of the case.

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When you’re facing drug crimes, including paraphernalia charges, in the Tulsa area, it’s time to reach out for your free consultation with a Tulsa criminal attorney who will look out for your legal interests. Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm’s misdemeanor defense lawyers can provide you certainty that you have a knowledgeable, relentless advocate at your side in any courtroom in the state of Oklahoma. Contact the defense team at Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm today for a free and confidential consultation. To get the answers to your legal questions and begin your free consultation, call now: (918) 256-3400.