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In Oklahoma, if you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, the law allows the Governor to issue pardons to those who have paid their debt to society.  A Tulsa, Oklahoma pardons attorney can help you to determine if its time to ask the state for official forgiveness and advise you how to pursue the pardon application process effectively.

Do You Have a Chance?

In Oklahoma, nearly 15 criminal offenders make their cases before the Oklahoma Probation and Parole Board every month. A Tulsa, Oklahoma Pardons Lawyer can assist you with your case in order to convince the Parole Board to give a pardon recommendation to the governor on your behalf.

How often do they make that recommendation for a pardon? Here’s what we’ve noticed: during a typical month, they might recommend more than half for a pardon. Then, it’s left up to the governor to agree with the board and issue a pardon or deny the request. Traditionally, if the board makes a recommendation, then the governor seems to go along with their decision.

Oklahoma Pardon Process

A Tulsa, Oklahoma Pardons Lawyer will make sure the long list of paperwork the Probation and Parole Board requires is complete and in order. Here’s a quick look at some of the requirements for Oklahoma pardons:

  • Accepts responsibility for crime: Accepting responsibility for your actions is one of the most important elements of a pardon. A simple claim of innocence won’t fly with the board. They are looking for signs or indications of remorse that indicate the person before them has accepted responsibility and atoned for the offense for which he or she was convicted by the court.
  • No previous pardon applications: If you petition for a pardon, it is important to do it right the first time. Otherwise, you should be prepared to wait at least a year. The board will refuse to consider back-to-back petitions filed less than a year apart.
  • No pending criminal charges: Regardless of whether you may eventually be found innocent or the new charges might later be dismissed,  if you’ve been arrested or charged with a subsequent crime, your petition can be tossed out.
  • Not currently in jail or in prison: Oklahoma pardons are granted to offenders who have completed their obligations to the state. Those obligations include completion of probation and parole, or completion of at least five years of supervised probation in your current case.
  • A criminal conviction: A pardon is an official stamp of forgiveness from the state of Oklahoma. If your case has not been adjudicated and you’ve not been found guilty, you can’t be pardoned by the governor.
  • Full criminal history report: The Pardon and Parole Board doesn’t look at only the documents you submit when it makes a decision about your petition. The Board and the Department of Corrections conduct their own investigation, using the resources available to a public agency. If you omit arrests or charges, even old or out of state charges, your petition will most likely be denied.
  • Credit status and civil litigation: You must list all civil matters in dispute or suspense, which means you must report unpaid federal, state and local tax obligations; document all delinquent credit obligations; and list all civil proceedings in which you are a party, including bankruptcy filings. You may submit explanatory material at your discretion.
  • References: The Probation and Parole Board wants to know what others say about you. Your petition must include three or more character references from people who are not related to you.
  • Required documents: A complete pardon petition must include a certified Judgment and Sentence for each conviction, a current credit report, proof of employment (or a statement that you’re not working), proof of residence and a certified statement from the Court Clerk that all fines and court costs have been paid.

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