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Tulsa Criminal Attorney

Tulsa criminal defense lawyerWhen you are charged with a crime in Tulsa, Oklahoma, your future is in peril. Whether the charge is a minor misdemeanor or a major felony offense, you need a Tulsa criminal attorney with the tenacity, skill and knowledge to stand up to pushy prosecutors.

From the moment you are accused of a crime, police and prosecutors may try to push, coax or cajole you to give up your rights, sooner rather than later. Don’t fall for it. Before you accept any offers, get professional legal counsel from someone knowledgeable in Oklahoma law. Seek the advice of someone who knows enough about with the Tulsa court system to tell you what is at stake.

Now is the time to build a rock solid defense team willing to fight for your freedom. Get someone on your side who will speak up for you before it is too late.

The team of experienced criminal defense attorneys at Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm routinely stand up against prosecutors that try to bulldoze over our clients’ legal rights. The Tulsa criminal defense lawyers offer free initial consultations because people want to know how the right defense team can make a difference in their particular case. To begin your free consultation, call today: (918) 256-3400.

Your Freedom is Worth Protecting

The costs of yielding to prosecutors’ pressure can be severe. The state of Oklahoma imposes some of the harshest criminal penalties in the nation. Fines, restrictive probation and lengthy confinement are only part of the cost. A criminal conviction can cost you future job opportunities, your credit rating, your prestige among peers and even your basic civil rights. Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm stands by you because we believe your rights and your future are worth protecting.

While each case is unique and results in your case depend on your actions, the criminal attorneys at Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm have a solid track record of winning dismissals, acquittals and legal victories for clients. To discuss your specific case, contact a skilled Tulsa defense lawyer for a free consultation and case evaluation. Call today — (918) 256-3400.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

When you are facing a determined effort by state prosecutors to take away your freedom, you need a Tulsa defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Oklahoma criminal justice system. Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm has the skill and experience to defend against a wide range of criminal charges including:

  • Alcohol Offenses (DUI/DWI)
  • Bad Checks
  • Shoplifting
  • Drug Charges (Possession, Distribution,  Manufacturing)
  • Conspiracy
  • Embezzlement
  • Firearms
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder (1st Degree, 2nd Degree)
  • Sex Crimes
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Violent Crimes

Our Assurance: Respect, Trust, Concern

Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm is accustomed to fighting for clients who go to court not knowing whether they’ll walk out the front door or be escorted from court to jail. Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm brings to the table respect, attention and professionalism that gives you the confidence you need to overcome an aggressive prosecution.

When your future is on the line, your Tulsa criminal defense team can help you focus on what matters — your freedom and your future. Call today to find out how Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm can protect your freedom and your future.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Defense Attorney

When you’ve been arrested in the Tulsa area, it’s time to retain a Tulsa criminal defense lawyer who will look out for your legal interests. Contact your defense team at Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation.

A Tulsa defense attorney can advise you how the criminal justice process works and offer answers to your specific questions. To begin your free consultation call now: (918) 256-3400.