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Each client who walks through our doors, picks up the phone or reaches out through social media quickly learns that working with a felony defense lawyer at the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law firm is quite different. Our team is dedicated to protecting your or your loved ones’ legal rights. When it comes to your freedom, you can’t mess around with someone just learning the ropes. A pending felony charge can leave you incarcerated while you wait to clear your name. We have a proven criminal defense record in the state of Oklahoma.

The state of Oklahoma has some of the most serious punishments for crimes compared to  any other state in the country. For example, some drug offenses that would be misdemeanors elsewhere are treated as felonies, which carry serious jail times, fines and court costs in Oklahoma. When your life is on the line, you need a trusted ally in your corner.

 Protecting The Rights Of The Accused

If you or a loved one have been arrested for a felony offense, it can be a confusing and emotionally-draining experience. A felony defense lawyer at our firm can help clear up the confusion and explain the process from arrest, trial and beyond. It’s crucial to get someone to protect your rights before it’s too late. The moment you’re arrested, the police and prosecutors are working to assemble a case to put you behind bars for a long time. That’s why there’s no time to wait when selecting a Tulsa felony defense lawyer.

Our team quickly goes to work to examine the evidence to protect your legal rights during the process. We’ve seen it before, some defendants are sometimes charged based on illegal searches, coerced confessions and spurious evidence provided by dubious witnesses. Sometimes a misdemeanor offense may have been mistakenly charged as a felony.  Prosecutors could  also pile on additional charges, seek excessive bonds to keep a defendant in custody and try to separate a defendant from family.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Felony Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for any felony in Tulsa or the surrounding Oklahoma counties, it’s time to reach out to a team that knows how the police and prosecutors in Tulsa operate. Just because you’ve been arrested doesn’t mean you don’t have legal rights that need to be met. That’s why you need a Tulsa Felony Defense Lawyer who can provide skillful, aggressive and compassionate assistance  to your specific case.

Simply call our team at the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm at (918) 256-3400 for a free, no-hassle, confidential consultation. If you prefer a felony defense attorney on our  team to call you or reach you by email, click here to ask your questions via the easy to fill-out online consultation request form.