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Tulsa Expungement AttorneyPutting the Past in the Past

If you’ve finished the terms of your probation, or reached a deferred prosecution agreement, your past may still be out in the open. Many people might be surprised to find their cases have not been expunged from court records. In order to keep your past in the past, it’s crucial that you speak with a Tulsa Expungement Attorney.

If a brush with the law is keeping you from gaining employment, then it may be time to contact a Tulsa expungement attorney to find out if you can have your criminal record expunged. A simple phone call to the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm can put your mind at rest and begin the process to try to wipe the record clean.

Tulsa Expungement Cases

If you have met all of the conditions of the court-ordered probation, or the case has been dismissed, there are certain situations where those court records may be sealed. That’s what should happen, but it doesn’t always. In some cases, Oklahoma even provides a way to expunge arrest records. In those situations, a Tulsa expungement attorney can file a petition for expungement of arrest records in the county where it took place. A Tulsa Expungement Attorney can help to file a petition for expungement to clear their records. It’s better to make sure those records are put away out of sight than to be surprised down the road.

Oklahoma’s Process For Expungement

In the state of Oklahoma, the most common method of of expungement of your record requires a court clerk to remove your name from docket sheets, expunge the public case file and keep the case index confidential. It’s important to point out that a Tulsa Expungement Attorney can also help with a felony expungement.  The court information may be redacted from the clerk’s computer and from official public Web sites. That’s crucial to you keeping your past out of the sight of those snooping on search engines to find out about you. Once a Tulsa expungement lawyer makes those petitions, a defendant’s name will find no record in the court or on official court Web sites.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Expungement Attorney

The skillful, aggressive and compassionate lawyers at the Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide a free, no-hassle and confidential consultation about your expungement questions regarding your specific case.

Simply call a Tulsa Expungement Attorney  at (918) 256-3400 for a free, no-hassle, confidential consultation. If you prefer a felony defense attorney on our  team to call you or reach you by email, click here to ask your questions via the easy to fill-out online consultation request form.